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Detailed explanation of carton processing technology

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Feeding-printing-slotting, creasing-die cutting-folding, gluing-nail box combination-stacking-packing and other processes. In short, it can also be said to be the three major steps of packaging, molding and joining.
Feeding is to feed paper, and it is mainly to feed corrugated cardboard flat and accurately to the printing system. Because corrugated paper has sufficient stiffness, single-sheet input is usually used. After the printing is physically completed, it is neatly installed in a fixed position on the stacking table for manual or automatic paper feeding device to take the material one by one. The automatic paper feeding device adopts a full-automatic lifting platform, which can automatically adjust the height of the paper stack, and the input adopts an air suction method to overcome the cardboard jam caused by the unevenness of the cardboard.
Crimping, slotting, chamfering, slitting
In the printing grooving unit, this part is mainly composed of upper and lower reel, upper and lower grooving knife, upper and lower corner cutter and slitter. When the cardboard passes, the upper and lower rollers mainly complete the longitudinal pressure line of the corrugated cardboard; the upper and lower groove cutters cut the corrugated cardboard through the convex knife on the upper part to complete the slitting of the corrugated cardboard; The blade and the lower shim pad complete the forming of the tongue at the joint of the corrugated box, and the slit is trimmed according to the specified size.
The main function of the creasing line is to make the corrugated cardboard accurately bend according to the predetermined position to achieve the inner size of the carton. It can be divided into longitudinal pressure line (indentation line parallel to the corrugated direction) and horizontal pressure line (indentation line perpendicular to the corrugated direction). The printing grooving machine uses a circular indentation process. The pair of stampers rotates in a disc shape. The cardboard passes between the pair of stampers to leave an indentation. Adjust the gap between the die and the punch to change the depth of the indentation. The indentation should be clear and not cracked or cracked.
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