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In the new era, digital printing at carton factories will replace traditional printing

时间:2020.01.04 Source: Original time: 2020.01.04

The new big digital printing technology is: electronic computer packaging printing, which is completely different from the simulation printing process. Large digital packaging printing does not use a film machine, display or copying as the conversion medium. Large digital packaging printing uses high-precision color matching and correction technology. It is not necessary to carry out adjustments before packaging printing. The advance preparation and conversion time of order information is short, which further improves the packaging printing high efficiency. Big digital packaging printing is a kind of variable packaging printing. The two adjacent packaging printing contents can be completely different, which has a key practical significance for the circulation of goods. It is worth mentioning that traditional printing machinery and equipment generally exceed tens of millions or even millions, while large digital printing machinery and equipment only require more than 100,000 units. In addition, large digital packaging printing uses many hazardous chemicals, which is an environmentally friendly production process.

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The cost of traditional packaging and printing includes board making, printing supplies, and hand-made packaging and printing. Large-scale packaging and printing do not require the cost of plate making, because the transmission speed is fast, there is no trial printing and automatic washing machine, and the cost of hand-made packaging and printing is far Lower than traditional packaging printing. In general, large digital packaging printing is much lower than traditional packaging printing. Full consideration is given to the concise and clear text of packaging printing in the future, the printing ink consumption is not large, and the cost of packaging printing can even be ignored.

Because the flexible packaging printing box is embossed, the corrugated box will destroy the corrugated box due to the effect of the printing pressure, which may lead to a reduction in compressive strength. Practical activities show that large-scale multi-color cumulative packaging printing, full-scale on-site packaging printing will reduce the working pressure of paper boxes by 20-30%. The laser cutting of the friendly die of the offset printing paper assembly line will reduce the working pressure of the paper box by 10% -20%, and the laser cutting of the round die will be greatly reduced. The gravure film cutting process also reduces the working pressure by 5-10%. Digital printing is non-capacitive packaging printing, and the harm to the working pressure of the carton is basically zero. Therefore, large digital packaging printing can also save the paper cost of paper boxes.

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