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Two points of custom aircraft boxes

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First, select the number of layers

3 层、 5 层之分,一般体积较小商品的会选用 3 层瓦楞纸做的多,如衣服、小饰品等等;而选用 5 层厚度的多是比较大件或者对抗压性要求比较高的商品,如液晶屏幕、电子产品等等,大家可以根据所运输的产品类型来选择合适的材质。 The main material used for aircraft box customization is also corrugated paper. Generally, there are 3 layers and 5 layers. Generally, smaller products will use 3 layers of corrugated paper, such as clothes and small accessories. Most of them are relatively large items or products with high pressure resistance, such as LCD screens, electronic products, etc. You can choose the appropriate material according to the type of product being transported.

Personalized customization

Now many businesses like to have personalized and customized services, and want to integrate some patterns or text design into the packaging, and now many manufacturers can accept special edition customization. At this time, you can inform the manufacturer of your ideas first, and then you can choose the appropriate paper materials for customization.

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