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How to design a carton

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Carton is a common small box in people's daily life. However, different types of goods are also used in different designs of carton. Different designs need to be careful, because the design of carton packaging is quite sophisticated. .

I. Overall design standards

1. The overall layout should consider the habit of the customer firstly inspecting the primary decorative surface of the packaging carton when making a decision.

2. Consider merchandise in marketing activities such as window display and storage shelf display, and let the key decorative design give a visual impact when facing customers.


Structural design standards

1. The telescopic carton connector should be connected to the rear panel. In unique situations, it can be attached to an end plate that can be glued to the back plate. Normally, it should not be connected to an end plate that can be affixed to or adhered to the front plate.

2. The back cover of the carton should be installed on the front panel.

3. The main plate of the paper tray should normally be installed on the front plate.

Therefore, when the customer saw the packaging carton, he did not observe the visual defects caused by the connection or the inconvenience of opening and closing the outer cover.


Third, the principle design decoration

1. The key decorative design surface of the carton package should be arranged on the front or outer cover of the carton, with text and primary and secondary patterns on the end or rear panel.

2. When the packaging carton must be displayed vertically, the decorative surface should take into account the positions of the top cover and the back cover. All big numbers are on the top of the rear cover, the bottom plate is down, and the open part is on the top.

3. When the packaging carton needs to be displayed horizontally, the decoration surface should take into account the habit of customers opening with their left hand. The overall number is located on the left, the right is located on the right, and the opening is located on the right.

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