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Flexible ink printing, whether using white paper or cardboard paper as the paper, the color effect can be reflected. In line with the ever-changing flexo printing technology, the ink products are based on high-quality inks, and continue to develop UV / EB-curable flexible inks with higher technology content, which improves the absorption of ink and cardboard,

The flexo products have thicker, more saturated ink, clearer layers, and beautiful aesthetics. With the continuous development of flexographic printing machines, the packaging and printing industry will make the demand for water-based inks and various new flexible inks more urgent, and the demand will further increase.

有各类纸箱柔印机近千台,主要使用水性油墨印刷,年耗量在5万吨以上,占水墨总用量25%.水墨适宜于纸箱印刷的原因有二:一是由于瓦楞纸板属纤维疏松的交织物,吸水性强,水性油墨转移到纸板表 At present, there are nearly a thousand flexo printing machines of various types in China , which are mainly printed with water-based inks. The annual consumption is more than 50,000 tons, accounting for 25% of the total amount of ink. Ink is suitable for carton printing for two reasons: one is due to corrugation Cardboard is a loose fiber interwoven fabric with strong water absorption. Water-based ink is transferred to the cardboard surface.

It is easy to penetrate and dry behind the surface, and no drying device is needed. Second, because the water-based ink is non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, safe and convenient to use, and low in cost.

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